Friday, November 26, 2010

SOLD - Kelsey Model U 5x8 Fully Restored and Upgraded Letterpress

This is a Kelsey Model 'U' 5x8 Letterpress. Purchased from a master printer with 50 years of experience in very nice original condition, then restored.

Complete part by part teardown restoration, with the body finished in hard silver and metallic gray metal protecting paints. Press is complete with appropriate matching chase, brand new NA Graphics rubber rollers, adjustment tools, and matching oil can.

The package also features a new, custom made Michigan oak base, finished with the legendary Waterlox Tung oil based sealer and finisher. This extremely long lasting natural finish will last for many years.

Also included is a custom designed feedboard accessory. We've never found any reference to this accessory, although the Kelsey presses always had holes along the left side for something like this to we designed and built one. This outrig table will hold your paper stock close by to keep your printing flow going. Handmade from the same Michigan oak as the base and also finished with Waterlox sealer and finisher.

This letterpress package is absolutely complete and ready for you and your plates to start producing amazing letterpress creations or as just a piece of cast iron beauty.

  • Custom-made Michigan oak base
  • Custom designed and built oak feedboard
  • Complete part by part teardown restoration
  • Sandblasted to raw metal
  • Repainted with a metal protecting paint
  • All new hand-made, upgraded stainless steel pins
  • Brand new rollers from NA Graphics
  • Brand new upgraded 'no-slip' trucks
  • Adjustment points upgraded to Allen type bolts for easier and finer adjustment
  • Tools for adjustment points included
  • Matching oil can included.
  • Solid brass accent fittings throughout
  • All original hardware (nuts and bolts) included
  • Crate shipped and guaranteed
More, larger photos available here: Kelsey Letterpress
$1400 obo plus crate shipping costs. Local Pickup available in the Michigan area.
For more information send e-mail to 'andy.tanguay (AT) gmail (DOT) com' for more information.

SOLD - More presses to come in the next few months.


  1. Yes, it sold two days ago.

    There will be more, so if you'd like to sign up for the RSS feed, you will get reports on more.


  2. I needed was your Kelsey. Can you order a similar machine? My hope for

  3. Hi Diana-

    If you'd like to give me your email address, I can put your name on the list for announcements when a new press is done and ready to ship.

    Check the description above for my email address.


  4. I am looking for a press just like this:)

  5. Please put me on your list for a letter press.